Cut off method of wire rope

March 7, 2020

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The thin diameter wire rope is cut with wire rope scissors.

Wire rope scissors are different from steel scissors. Everyone is familiar with steel scissors. The knife edge is straight, while the wire rope scissors are round.


Because the steel wire rope is twisted in multiple strands, the copper wire rope must be wrapped with an arc-shaped knife edge.The wire rope with a straight knife edge (steel scissors) will slide out of the knife edge.In fact, the wire rope scissors and cable scissors have the same principle, but Wire rope scissors are thicker and stronger than cable scissors.


Therefore, cable scissors cannot be used instead of wire rope scissors.


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The thick steel wire rope is generally cut with a wire rope special cutting machine, which belongs to hydraulic scissors.


Hydraulic scissors can generally cut 6mm-30mm diameter steel wire rope. Of course, electric grinders can also cut. This cut is relatively flat, but where there is no power source, you can only use wire rope scissors and wire rope special cutting machines.

If large wire ropes are cut with scissors, they can be cut one by one.


Of course, steel wire ropes with a super-large diameter of more than 30mm generally can be cut by gas welding, because the wire diameter of wire ropes exceeding 30mm is more than 1.4mm.


The strength of steel wire is basically above 1670. It cannot be cut with scissors and ordinary hydraulic scissors, so only gas welding can be used.